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Internal Email: It’s a TRILLION DOLLAR Problem! If you work in a big organization, or any organization dependent on email, you already know how internal email wastes a lot of time. Even so, you may not know the full extent of the problem. Independent research from 2007 documented that Intel lost a BILLION Dollars in employee productivity every year due to ineffective email. Among all organizations in the U.S. alone, the loss is estimated to be one TRILLION dollars every year!1 Other research conducted by McKinsey, LCWA Research Group and The Grossman Group further highlights the problem. McKinsey estimates as much as 28% of an average work week is spent handling email.2 LCWA Research Associates and The Grossman Group completed an extensive study (click here for the full study) where they found employees lost 20 minutes of productivity per day as a result of email.3


All of these factors add up to lost productivity.

Interruptions caused by …

  • unproductive internal email messages,
  • the time it takes to refocus after distractions,
  • delays in decisions caused by email overload, and
  • waiting caused by delayed decisions,

In addition to lost productivity, the never-ending avalanche of email results in lower job satisfaction and poor morale. The Better Emailing™ system will significantly increase productivity and improve morale as people regain control of their work environment.

Empower Your Employees To Regain Control Of Their Work!

The patent pending Better Emailing system – designed for organizations that depend on email – takes a comprehensive approach to solving this problem. It puts you back in control while keeping everyone involved and informed. Better Emailingtools allow you to step to the sideline when you no longer need to participate in a conversation. Others will know you are on the sideline, so they can include you later, if necessary. Better Emailing tools also allow you to easily redirect and delegate issues while maintaining control because emails are retained in easy to find, designated folders, away from your Inbox. Who hasn’t experienced the “URGENT!” message addressed to multiple people where it’s not clear who should take action? The Better Emailing system prompts senders to individually prioritize emails by asking them to specify what they want from each recipient (Action, Must Read, FYI, Just in Case). Emails requiring action are stored in high priority folders, so you can attend to them first. This Sender’s Checklist empowers people to understand what action is expected from you when a message arrives. It also avoids confusion and helps the sender get the action they want and need. Have you come back from vacation or a long business trip to an avalanche of emails? The Closed Issue tool prompts employees to close conversations as issues are resolved. Closed Issues are moved out of the inbox, so you don’t have to sift through obsolete messages. Finally, like it or not, people feel compelled to check email after hours and on weekends. This intrudes on family time and other activities. Using Quiet Mode, you can limit after hours email to urgent issues. Routine email messages are held until you turn off Quiet Mode. With Better Emailing tools, a person takes action once, for a given topic, and there is no need to prioritize future emails on the same topic.

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Email is a wonderful business tool if used properly.

See how it works for you! Click the image above to preview the Better Emailing System. The Better Emailing system removes the clutter and distraction, allowing people to refocus their efforts on their highest priorities. Employees currently overloaded with email, will see improved productivity and reduced stress. Better Emailingis easy to use because it works within the current email paradigm. Organizations that implement the Better Emailing system will benefit from improved employee productivity and job satisfaction.

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